Monday, August 6, 2012

6 Creative Seating Ideas for the Classroom

Need some extra seating in your classroom or just tired of your traditional classroom chairs? 

Have a look at these 
6 creative alternatives to regular classroom chairs to get inspired.  

 If your students aren't thrilled with a certain center or don't pick independent reading as frequently as you would like, incorporate a fun seating option! Adding fun seating options can really motivate students to want to spend time in a certain area in the classroom. 

1. Wrap inner tubes with fabric for a unique place to sit. We envision these summer time pool favorites being used somewhere like the library or listening center.

2. Turn crates into seating! There's a bonus to this seating too, extra storage! Great place to keep extra supplies like whiteboards and markers. Cut wood to fit the top opening of the crates, add some cushion and top with fabric of your choice. See how they were made here.  

3. A similar option to our #2 seating idea is the cute polka dotted bucket stools pictured above. The 3rd grade teacher who made the above stools bought 5 gallon paint buckets with lids. You can read more on how they were made by following this link. 

4. Kimberley from Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me took a thrift store shelf and gave it new life as a padded bench. I think this would be excellent seating for a classroom library. You could keep themed books organized in the shelving section below.  

5. Ottomans make great seating for students. I used the same kind as ottomans pictured above in my classroom.  I loved the color they gave to my classroom, my students loved sitting on them, and they were great for storage. 

6.  I will admit I would be nervous to try yoga balls as seating in my classroom. You would definitely have to have a group of students that could handle this option. The teacher seems to have everything under control in this classroom. Cool idea! 

Do you know of any other creative seating options for the classroom? I would love to learn of more ideas!
Thanks for reading! 

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